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Page updated:  5/22/2018

Administrative Bulletins Communications
Agreement for Services EWCOG & Ferry County May 2018 Concentration Map Arsenic March 2003
Articles of Association Concentration Map Cadmium March 2003
Bylaws of Eastern Washington Council of Governments Concentration Map Copper March 2003
Commitment Survey Concentration Map Lead March 2003
DRAFT Adopting Articles of Association Concentration Map Mercury March 2003
DRAFT Mission Statement Concentration Map Zinc March 2003
DRAFT Mission Purpose Curriculum Vitae A. Scholtz
Ferry County Cover Letter - Articles of Association David King 5-22-03
Ferry County Commissioners Invoice DOE letter to Pend Oreille
Ferry County Fax 7-21-03 Draft Iani Letter
Ferry County Letter 9-9-03 DuBey to Osterberg Letter
Lincoln Co. Commissioners Proceedings 7-21-03 DuBey fax to Ott 7-8-03
Lincoln Co. Commissioners Proceedings 8-4-03 Teck Cominco to Peione Letter 05-08-03
Lincoln Co. Commissioners Proceedings 8-18-03 EWCOG Letter to WDFW RE: Delisting the Wolf September 2012
Memo for Record - Travel Response from WDFW letter 11-05-12
Pend Oreille Co. designates S. Nichols to EWCOG EWCOG 2nd Letter to WDFW re: Delisting the Wolf January 2013
Pend Oreille County Commissioners Journal 12 WDFW Response - 030413
Stevens County Articles of Association EWCOG Letter to WDFW - Request for Collar Data 052013
Working Groups Organizational Options Columbia River Treaty Coord. Letter 121013 Signed
  Response from US Entity RE 121013 Coord. Letter
  NPS Letter FINAL-Signed