Resolutions All documents listed are in a PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format).  Please use this link to download Adobe Reader to view documents.

A Joint Resolution  
Ferry County Resolution No. 2003-14
Okanogan Reso #56-2003
Pend Oreille Co.Reso 2003-23 & Reso 2003-39
Resolution CE 03-64 Douglas Co. Intent to Form
Resolution No. 03-29 Lincoln Co.
Resolution No. 03-41 Lincoln Co. Adopt Articles of Assoc.
Resolution No. 03-49 Lincoln Co. Fund & Budget
Resolution No. 9402003 Stevens County Adopt Articles of Assoc.
Resolution 2011-01 - Cougar Bill
Resolution No. 2013-30 Columbia Co Adopt Articles of Assoc.