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Stevens County Work Crew Program                                      page updated:  February 03, 2016

Working hard to restore our community

Stevens County Work Crew Program was established in 2008 as an alternative sentencing program for minimum risk offenders.

Referrals to the work crew program come from the courts and provide sentencing alternatives to serving time in jail or as an alternative way to receive monetary credit against legal financial obligations such as fines and fees.

The program has proven to be a significant benefit to the community


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of work will I be doing?
    Stevens County work crew conducts roadside litter clean up, as well as the cleanup of illegal dump sites.
  2. Can I work partial days?
    No.  Work Crew hours are scheduled from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  3. How much credit do I earn each day?
    1 day work crew for 1 day of jail or minimum wage for credit of legal financial obligation
  4. Where will I be working?
    Along hundreds of miles of roadways in Stevens County Washington
  5. Do you have a night crew?
  6. Do you have weekend crews?
    Yes. Stevens County Work Crew is scheduled Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  7. Can I do extra days?
  8. Are the crews co-ed?
  9. Do you clean up dump sites?
    Yes. Contact Stevens County Solid Waste @ (509) 738-6937 to notify them of any locations.

Work Crew Contacts 

Nadine Borders - Work Crew Coordinator  
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