Superior Court

Tri-County Judicial District
Ferry, Pend Oreille & Stevens Counties

Judge Jessica T. Reeves, Presiding Judge
Judge Patrick A. Monasmith
Judge Lech J. Radzimski
Court Commissioner Robin M. McCroskey

Stevens County Superior Court is part of the tri-county judicial district comprised of Stevens, Ferry and Pend Oreille Counties. Chapter 65, Section 2, Laws of Washington 1981 established Ferry County, Stevens County and Pend Oreille County as a joint judicial district. The judicial district is served by three Superior Court Judges elected to 4-year terms.  One Court Commissioner is appointed by the Superior Court Judges.  The Court Commissioner has some of the same powers and duties of the Judges and sits as Judge pro tempore if all parties agree to have their case heard by a Commissioner.

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The Tri-County Superior Court operates on a master calendar system.  As such, virtually all issues are heard on the various dockets.  Special set hearings may only be scheduled at the direction of a judicial officer.  Court Administration staff does not have authority to schedule a special set a hearing without the permission of a judicial officer.


To request a transcript of a hearing or trial, you must contact the Court Administrator, Evelyn Bell, at (509) 684-7552, to obtain the name of a certified court transcriptionist from the tri-county approved list of court transcriptionists.

To request a CD of a hearing, you must go to the Clerk’s office of the county where the hearing/trial took place and pay a fee for a CD.  Once paid, the Court Administrator will copy the CD and provide it for pickup or it can be mailed to you.  You must have a computer with a CD player and speakers to be able to listen to a court generated CD.


The Superior Court is committed to providing Equal Access to Justice for all persons in the Tri-County Judicial District, regardless of their native tongue. Acknowledging that persons who speak a language other than English require special consideration to ensure meaningful access to the courts, the Superior Court for Ferry, Stevens and Pend Oreille Counties obtains court-certified interpreters to assist non-English speakers and hearing impaired individuals with court matters.


Parties and other participants asking for an interpreter should make a request in writing two weeks (never less than 5 working days) to Pamela Ray, the Deputy Court Administrator, at 215 S. Oak Street, Room 209, Colville, WA  99114. It may take longer to get an in-person certified interpreter in cases of less commonly spoken languages or for American Sign Language (ASL). In some cases an interpreter may be scheduled to interpret by phone for short matters.


With the exception of dispositive motions, i.e., summary judgments, supplemental proceedings, motions for dismissal, telephonic appearances are allowed.

To appear by telephone, you must call the Clerk’s office in the County where the hearing will take place to be given the conference call-in number.