Property Tax Relief Programs

If you are a Senior Citizen (61 or older) or Disabled person with your primary residence in Washington State, the Senior & Disabled Persons Exemption program offers a reduction in property tax if you meet all ownership, residency and income qualifications (under $40,000 a year beginning with the 2015 assessment for 2016 tax year).  There may be other exemptions and deferrals available to you if you meet the qualifications.  To find out more click on the links below.

Senior & Disabled Persons Exemption

(The Application and the Addendum are required when applying for this exemption)
Application for Senior/Disabled Exemption
Addendum to Senior/Disabled Exemption
Change in Status Senior/Disabled Exemption

Senior & Disabled Persons Deferral
Application For Senior/Disabled Persons Deferral

Destroyed Property Exemption
Application for Destroyed Property

Non-Profit Organizations & Leasehold Exemptions
Application for Property Tax and Leasehold Exemption ( Application is made to Department of Revenue)

Historical Exemption
Application for Special Valuation on Improvements to Historic Property

Limited Income Deferral
Application for Homeowners with Limited Income Deferral

Homeowners Remodel Exemption
Application for Homeowners Remodel Exemption

Property Tax Assistance for Widows/Widowers of Veterans
Claim Form for Widow/Widowers of Veterans