Education and outreach efforts are critical to the success of nearly every project we participate in. Educational programs and outreach materials help to demonstrate how natural environments function, how our activities can impact those environments, and how we can best mitigate those impacts.

If you are interested in getting kids outdoors please contact Dana Bowers. We are always looking for ways to partner, support existing programs, or develop a new program to fit a particular need.

We believe that education is a vital part of community interaction. We get children in the community interacting with the natural resources surrounding them and help them understand our role. Natural resource conservation, protection and sustainability are the primary goal in all of our education programs. All programs are funded by grants from a variety of sources. The Stevens County Conservation District would like to thank all of those granting agencies and individuals who make our education programs successful!

Stevens County Conservation District has several educational opportunities available for youth and adults including:

  • Big Tree Contest

  • BioBlitz

  • Eastern WA Forestry Internship

  • Forestry Contest
  • Snow Investigation

  • Trout in a Classroom


Stevens County Conservation District would like to thank all of the volunteers that have been instrumental in the success of the Local Forestry Contest, Big Tree Contest and Land Judging Contest.