Planning Division

The Planning Division of the Land Services Department provides a variety of services to the citizens of unincorporated Stevens County, including processing of land use applications (current planning), and the implementation and maintenance of the Stevens County Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations (long range planning). The Planning Division also provides professional support to the Stevens County Planning Commission, Hearing Examiner, various Citizen Advisory Committees, and the Board of County Commissioners.

Current planning duties include the reviewing and processing of land use development proposals for conformance with the County's Comprehensive Plan and development regulations (i.e. zoning, subdivisions, critical areas, shorelines, frequently flooded areas).

The Planning Division is also responsible for the administration of a variety of long range planning issues affecting Stevens County. This includes the implementation and maintenance of the County's Comprehensive Plan and development regulations.

2020 GMA Periodic Update

Periodic review of the Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations are required every 8 years under GMA to determine whether existing plans and regulations are consistent with the most current legislation and to revise as necessary. The County is beginning the periodic review process. More information regarding the update schedule and documents under review can be found at the following website:


Shoreline Master Program Update

The SMP, environment designation maps and the record were submitted to the Department of Ecology on June 11, 2019. 
The Department of Ecology public comment closed on September 5, 2019. The County is waiting for final action by Ecology. 

WRIA 59 Update

Stevens County has been working with local stakeholders to update the WRIA 59 Watershed Plan. This update is being done to meet the requirements of Washington’s recent “Streamflow Restoration” law (Chapter RCW 90.94).  Relevant documents associated with the Watershed Plan update can be found here.