Building Codes / Ordinance

Stevens County Building Code Ordinance 02-1984 references compliance with 1982 Uniform Codes and the 1980 Washington State Energy Code, which were the codes enacted within Washington State at the time the ordinance was adopted. The Stevens County Building Code Ordinance has not been modified since 1984. More recently, the Washington State Legislature, together with the Washington State Building Code Council (SBCC), has adopted the  State Building Code (RCW 19.27).  The State Building Code is comprised of model code editions with Washington State Amendments, and is the minimum construction requirement for the State of Washington.  The editions of the model codes listed below, as adopted by the SBCC, are currently in effect and prevail for construction in all counties and cities of Washington State, as required by the State of Washington, pursuant to RCW 19.27.031.  *The SBCC anticipates updating to the 2018 International Code series in early 2021 - please check their website for updates.

2015 International Building Code with statewide amendments *for commercial and other public projects 

ICC/ANSI A117.1-09, Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities, with statewide amendments

2015 International Residential Code with statewide amendments *for one & two family dwellings and residential utility structures

2015 International Mechanical Code with statewide amendments

2015 International Fuel Gas Code with statewide amendments (part of the IMC adoption)

2014 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code (NFPA 58)

2015 National Fuel Gas Code (NFPA 54) (for LP Gas installation only)

2015 International Fire Code with statewide amendments

2015 Uniform Plumbing Code with statewide amendments

2015 Washington State Energy Code 

2015 International Existing Building Code with statewide amendments found in the IBC

2015 International Swimming Pool and Spa code

*Please see the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries for information regarding electrical codes