Public Records Request

Access to Public Records

This policy defines the ways in which the County responds to public records requests received under RCW 42.56. The Public Records Act (the "Act"), RCW 42.56, requires public agencies to make identifiable, non-exempt public records available for inspection and copying upon request and to publish rules of procedure to inform the public how access to public records will be accomplished. Consistent with the principles of open administration of government and Chapter 42.56 RCW, Public Records Act, it is the policy of the Stevens County to facilitate access to records which have been created and maintained.   Public Records Policy, Policy #1-2017 

Appointing a public records officer and repealing Resolution #35-2014

Public Records Request Form. (Word Form)          On-Line Public Records Request Form.  (PDF Form)

At this time the on-line function of the Public Records Request Form is only compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. If you are not using Internet Explorer 11 as your web browser you can print out the form and complete it. You can email the completed form to Public Records Officer .