Payments & Fees

Stevens County District Court Payments

Stevens County District Court accepts cash, check, money order, certified check for the payment of most fines fees and forfeitures.

If you have any questions concerning time payments or collections call (509) 684-5249.


Stevens County District Court Fees

Civil Fees:

Fee Type Fee Amount

Anti-Harassment Filing

$ 73.00

Civil Filing

$ 73.00

Civil Jury Demand


Impound Fee

$  73.00

Small Claims Filing

$  35.00

Supplemental Procedure

$  20.00

Transcript/Judgment Fee

$  20.00


$  12.00

Name Change $  73.00

In addition to the $73.00 filing fee for name changes there is a $5 administrative  fee payable to Stevens County District Court and a recording fee of $103.50 for each name on the order payable  to the Stevens County Auditor each additional page is $1.


Miscellaneous Fees:

Fee Type Fee Amount Comments

Appeal Fee

$ 40.00


Certified Copies

$   5.00

per document $1 for each additional page

Copy Fees

$   0.50

per page copied by court staff

NSF Check Fees

$ 25.00

Electronic Recording of Proceedings $ 10.00 per CD
Copy Documents to CD $  20.00 per CD
Electronically Transmit Documents $   0.25 per page
Fees must be paid before documents will be sent electronically/ mailed.