Scheduling Court Dates

If you received an infraction you need to fill out the back/front of the ticket and send it to Stevens County District Court

Start by reading the entire backside/front of your notice of infraction (ticket). If you follow the instructions you can’t go wrong! You should note that you must respond within fifteen (15) days of the date that the ticket was issued. An infraction is not a crime, but failure to respond can result in the suspension of your driver’s license. You can respond by either mailing the ticket to the Court or bringing it in person to the Clerk’s office. Select one of the boxes on the back/front of the ticket and verify your address. If you select box one (1) you are electing to pay the penalty as shown on the front of the ticket. If you need to have the ticket cleared quickly, please pay by cash or money order.

If you receive a criminal ticket a court date should have been entered on the ticket if not a hearing will be set and a summons and notice of case setting will be sent to you.

You should receive a notice of case setting within two weeks. If you do not receive your notice within two weeks please call 509 684-5249.