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To provide local, quality based employment based services responsive to the needs of each individual served.



Encourage independent and integrated individuals to Live, Work, Play and Love within their community.



The NEWACS Employment Program Philosophy is based on the belief that employment and other day support services for persons with developmental disabilities or barriers to employment results in improved life quality and increased options and choices. Historically, individuals with developmental disabilities, mental health diagnosis or substance use disorders have experienced discrimination, increased physical and mental health, isolation, segregation, and poverty. Specifically, individuals with developmental disabilities were placed in segregated environments separated those individuals from the natural routines, activities, and typical places where community members without disabilities usually spend their time. Over the years we have learned that employment services can offer excellent opportunities for individuals with disabilities and other community members to share common experiences and activities.



It is the goal of the NEW Alliance Employment Program to ensure the provision of excellent employment services to individuals in Stevens, Ferry and Lincoln Counties. To this end, we find and maintain community based jobs with high wages and good benefits for people with barriers to employment. However, developing high paying, community based jobs with good benefits is always a challenge, especially in rural areas with high unemployment and poverty rates. As a service system, we need to continue to improve the quality of rural employment services, increase options and choices, and offer supports that bring about inclusion, independence and pathways out of poverty for all people.


DSHS Agencies

NEW Alliance Employment Program is a provider for the following DSHS agencies: