Road Restrictions & Closures

Per RCW 46.44.080 Stevens County may prohibit or restrict vehicle operations or vehicle weight whenever any county road, by reason of rain, snow, climatic, or other conditions, will be seriously damaged or destroyed unless the operation of vehicles thereon is prohibited or restricted or their permissible weights reduced.

Stevens County Emergency Load Limitations and Restriction Stages policy consists of Stage 2 restrictions allowing 60% of gross vehicle weight between the hours of 9:00 am to 12:00 am (midnight) and 100% gross vehicle weight between the hours of 12:00 am (midnight) and 9:00 am. Stage 3 restriction allows vehicles with wheel diameters of 20″ or more 250 lbs per inch of width and tire sizes below a 20″ are allowed 200 lbs per inch of width. To learn more about the weight restriction policy or to view the emergency load restrictions chart click on the links below.

Weight Restrictions Policy - Condensed Version (PDF)

If an individual has questions during the day it is best to call the Administration Office @ 509-684-4548. Also available is the web links that allow an individual to check the status of a road they are planning to use. Note that each road has an effective date. A road restriction that is posted in the field on a particular day becomes effective immediately. If there is a discrepancy from what is posted out in field to what is listed on the website, the field posting is the correct restriction. Click on the Road Restriction link to check on the road in question.


Roads and The Restrictions Currently Applied:

  • None at this time.