Road Maintenance

The Stevens County Public Works Department maintains approximately 1,500 miles of county road. Of the 1,500 miles of county road, approximately 600 are paved. The remaining 900 miles consist of gravel road. The Stevens County roadway system has been divided up into two areas, North & South, to allow for more efficient service. The Northern section of Stevens County is maintained by the North Area Maintenance Shop based in Colville, with a Satellite shop in Northport, and one in Pleasant Valley. The Southern section of Stevens County is maintained by the Southern Area Maintenance Shop based in Chewelah, with a satellite shop in Hunters, and one in Williams Valley.

In general, road maintenance activities include but are not limited to road grading and gravel placement, pothole patching, crack sealing, repair of frost heave areas and dig outs, paved road maintenance consisting of thin pavement overlays and bituminous surface treatment (BST), storm drainage, bridge and guardrail maintenance, roadway striping, vegetation management and winter snow plowing and sanding.