Property Tax

Payment Information

Property taxes and assessments may be paid in person at the Stevens County Treasurer’s Office at 215 South Oak Street Room #103, Colville, WA 99114-2836 or by mail. Postmark (US Post Office cancellation) is the determining payment date for all mailed payments. (Ref: RCW 1.12.070) To comply with this state regulation, all mail is reviewed by postmark date for payment of property taxes and assessments.

If air express or similar method of remitting taxes is used, we will rely on the certificate signed by that vendor authenticating the "sending date" for use of payment date in place of U.S. Post Office cancellation.

Note: Postage machine date is NOT U.S. Post Office cancellation. If you drop your mail into any mail receptacle, you must make certain the U.S. Post Office cancellation will be appropriate for legal payment date.


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Accounts that must be paid in full

Any amount under $50, or any other billing item which is indicated as "full payment" status. Delinquent personal and real property must be paid in full at a point of delinquency. Delinquent taxes or assessments on all real and personal property where current year’s taxes are more than $50 may be paid in half with any applicable interest and penalty only through October 30. On October 31, those taxes are due in full. (RCW84.56.020)


Payment Instructions

Please make checks payable to the Stevens County Treasurer. Payment stubs or Parcel numbers must accompany payment for correct application. Without identification, payments will be returned to sender.

A $25 service fee is charged on all returned checks and payment is voided for each parcels’s taxes paid by that check. Each account is then subject to applicable interest, penalty and costs.

To preserve your right to seek a court-ordered refund, you must comply with requirements of state law, RCW 84.68.020 and WAC 458-18-215.

We offer the taxpayer the option of paying by credit card, however, the taxpayer will be charged a fee by the Official Payment Corporation to use a credit card for payment of taxes. If you wish to make a credit card transaction to pay your taxes, please call 1-888-2-PAY-TAX. (1-888-272-9829) or visit the Stevens County Property Search at: Stevens County Property Search   **NOTE** All parcels need to be 7 digits, if you have a 6 digit parcel please add a 0 to the front of your number ie: 0XXXXXX.


Delinquent Accounts

All accounts accrue interest at 1% per month on FULL amount owing; 3% penalty is added June 1 and 8% penalty is added December 1. Administrative costs are added during the personal property distraint and real property foreclosure collection process.

Personal property may be subject to distraint after May 15 and Nov. 15. Personal property includes farm equipment, business and leased equipment. Personal property accounts become delinquent on May 1 and must be paid in full.

Real property foreclosure begins in June when we order title reports for each parcel with unpaid foreclosure year taxes. Each title search costs approximately $350.00 and is attached to the redemption amount along with taxes, interest & penalty.

Certified funds are required on all accounts for personal property distraint and real property foreclosure. (cashiers or certified bank check, money order or cash)