Coroner's Office

Mission Statement

The mission of the Stevens County Coroner's Office is to serve and protect the interests of the community. This is achieved by determining the cause, manner, and mechanism of sudden or unexplained deaths, identifying deceased persons, and notifying their legal next-of-kin. We serve as an independent finder of fact in our search for the truth. We are dedicated to excellence in public service and will provide professional, scientific, and compassionate forensic death investigations.


The Stevens County Coroner Office employs a total of 2 employees which consists of Lorrie Sampson D-ABMDI, your current elected Coroner and Chief Deputy Coroner Ramona Colvin. The office also utilizes Deputy Coroner’s who are not full time staff members. These are Rick Kuh, Patty Markel, Patty Hancock, and Terri Martinson D-ABMDI.

Our Office has a Chaplaincy program to serve Stevens County that is ran by Chaplain Dan Cleghorn. Dan has four Chaplains who assist him which are Peter Waud, Sonny Clemmer, Ed Dashiell, and Brian Staples.

Laws Governing the Coroner Office 
Below are the State and Federal Laws governing the Coroner’s Office


Responsibilities of the Coroner 

  • Determine the cause and manner of death. Manner of death is one of five categories on a death certificate. Homicide, suicide, natural, accident, and undetermined. Undetermined is used when the category is unknown or two categories cannot be distinguished.
  • Ensure the integrity, to the best of our ability, of the personal property of decedents
  • Identify and collect evidence properly.
  • Identify the dead with a high degree of certainty using scientific forensic methods.
  • Perform investigations at the scene of death.
  • Provide for disposition of unclaimed, indigent citizens, according to state law.
  • Recognize dangerous features of consumer products and report those to federal government.
  • Recognize unsuspected homicides.
  • Sign death certificates in all cases of unnatural death, and many cases of natural death.


The Stevens County Coroner Office is a separate department in Stevens County and is not under the supervision or direction of any law enforcement agency. Thus the Coroner’s Office conducts death investigations independently with the assistance of law enforcement agencies on many cases.

This office contacts with the Spokane County Medical Examiner’s Office for autopsy services. All correspondence regarding autopsy cases must go through the Stevens County Coroner Office. The Spokane County Medical Examiner will not release any information regarding any outside county case.


Please note:  If you need to reach a Coroner staff member urgently please contact our answering service directly. They will get a message to the on call staff member to assist you.

If you would like to meet with the Coroner please call to make an appointment. This office is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but due to the nature of the work that we do we may not always be in the office during regular business hours.