sUAS Program

Stevens County sUAS Mission Statement

The Stevens County sUAS program will provide a professional level of operational capability, safety, and situational awareness for all UAS operations. The program will work with approved agencies and decision- makers to deliver high-quality relevant imagery, data, and customized geospatial solutions using unmanned aircraft in a responsible and transparent manner to maintain the public trust.

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How is Stevens County using sUAS?

Stevens County is using sUAS in many different type mission formats. The following list is not exhaustive, and other types of missions may be flown provided they follow County and agency policies and are approved by the UAS program manager.

• Infrastructure Assessment

o Bridge Inspections

o Road corridor surveys and mapping.

• Damage Assessment (natural or man-made event)

o Structural, flood related, environment, transportation, pipeline breaks, and rail incidents.

o Enhanced search grids through onboard software.

• Search and Rescue Missions (individuals, aircraft, vehicles and objects)

o Search for endangered or critical missing individuals.

o Identify potential hazards for search teams and vehicles.

o Provide photographic and video capability and analysis.

o Scene awareness and life safety to identify potential hazards to responders.

• Geospatial Data Acquisition

o Orthomosaics.

o Elevation Surfaces.

o Digital Surface Models.

o 3D Point Clouds.


Stevens County sUAS Prohibited Uses

The sUAS program and equipment shall not be used in any manner prohibited by the Federal Aviation Regulations Part 107: Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Prohibited uses include but are not limited to the following:

  • UAS flights in violation of the United States Constitution, federal laws or regulations, or the Revised Code of Washington.
  • UAS flights in airspace prohibited by applicable Federal and state regulations unless a waiver of the applicable restriction is obtained prior to a flight.
  • UAS flights to intentionally gather intelligence related to First Amendment protected speech, associations, or activity.
  • Collection or use of data in any manner that would harass, coerce or discriminate against any person(s) based upon their ethnicity, race, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or  gender identity.


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