Schedules and Calendars

What you need to know about the Tri-County Calendar

The Court’s online electronic calendar (color coded by judicial officer) is a WORKING calendar and available for everyone to view online.  As scheduled events or judicial officer assignments change, so will the calendar. 

You can print the online calendar using the print tools in your browser.  When printing, you will need to enable the Background Graphics (located in More Settings).  Please remember that the online calendar is updated in real time.  So, your hard copy of the calendar is not likely to be the most current version for very long.  

HOW IT WORKS:  ACCESS THE NEW CALENDAR AT ONE OF THE LINKS BELOW.   OR (if that link doesn’t work for you) 

Be sure to save it as a bookmark or create a shortcut for quick and easy access.  The link can also be entered into the browser on your phone and saved to your phone’s home screen.  You can also export events from the online calendar into your own calendar by clicking the EXPORT button.  Click on the HELP button at the top of the calendar and you’ll find detailed instructions under Help Topics.

You can choose to see the calendar in Month, Week, Day, or List views.  Click on any event within the calendar and it will open the Description details for that event.  You can filter by judicial officer and/or by location.  For example, if you want to know everything that’s scheduled in Pend Oreille County, select ALL for judicial officers and only POC for location.  You may notice that there are multiple locations for Stevens County (locations 3a through 3e).  To see everything in Stevens County, you will need to select all of the #3 locations.  If you want to see where a particular judicial officer will be, select only that judicial officer and select ALL for locations.  The SEARCH button allows you to search for terms within the calendar.  For example, if you are looking for the State v Welch trial, a search for Welch will bring up the calendar information about that trial.  You may provide the link to the online calendar with anyone you choose.  The SHARE button allows you to email the link to others, but you are not required to use it – share the link by whatever means you prefer.   

IMPORTANT NOTE:   The new online calendar does NOT replace, and is NOT a reliable substitute for, the official court docketing system maintained by the Superior Court Clerks in Odyssey.  

The calendar contains descriptions for trial cases and special settings, but not for cases set on regularly scheduled court dockets.  Those docket details are available in Odyssey.  If you have not yet subscribed to Odyssey and would like to, contact the Superior Court Clerk’s Office.