Bench Copies

To submit bench copies by mail, send them to the Superior Court Administrator’s office at 215 S. Oak Street, Room 209, Colville, WA  99114.

To submit bench copies by email, use the bench copies cover sheet.  Be sure and follow the directions carefully.

Bench Copies Form

LCR 6.

(d) Motions and Other Papers.

      (1) Scope of Rules.  Except when specifically provided in another rule, this rule governs all motions in civil cases.  See, for example, LCR 56 and LCR 94.04.

      (2) Dates of Filing, Hearing and Consideration.

           (A)    Filing and Scheduling of Motion.  The moving party shall serve and file all motion papers no later than nine (9) court days (excluding holidays and weekends) before the date the party wishes the motion to be considered.  A motion must be scheduled by a party for hearing on an appropriate motion docket for the type of matter to be heard.

           (B)    Working Copies. The working copies of all papers shall be marked on the upper right corner of the first page with the date, time and county of hearing and the name of the judge.

                    (i)    HARD COPIES: Working copies of the motion and all papers in support or opposition, if provided, shall be delivered to the judge who is to hear the motion no later than the day they are to be served on all other parties, at 215 South Oak Street, #209, Colville, WA 99114, regardless of which county in which the motion is filed.

                     (ii)  ELECTRONIC COPIES: Email transmission is authorized for judge’s working copies, provided that the email transmission of documents is done in a manner approved by the Stevens County Superior Court Clerk. The Clerk may assess a fee for the email submission of working copies.

           (C)    Opposing Papers.  Any party opposing a motion shall file the original responsive papers in opposition to a motion, serve copies on parties and deliver any working copies to the judge as in (B) above no later than 10:00 a.m. four (4) court days (excluding holidays and weekends) before the date the motion is to be heard.

           (D)    Reply.  Any papers in strict reply shall be filed, copies served on parties, and any working copies delivered to the hearing judge as in (B) above no later than 10:00 a.m. two (2) court days (excluding holidays and weekends) before the date of the hearing.

           (E)    Confirmation of Hearing. In the event a motion or one continued from a prior date is to be argued, a party pro se or counsel for the moving party shall confirm with all opposing parties or counsel that they are available to argue the motion and then notify the court administrator by 12:00 noon two (2) days before the hearing that the parties are ready for the hearing.  Confirming a hearing certifies that the moving party’s bench copies have been timely delivered in conformity with LCR 6.  In the event an agreed or uncontested order of continuance is to be entered, or a notice of disqualification filed, counsel shall notify the court administrator by 12:00 noon two (2) days before the scheduled hearing.  Failure to comply with the provisions of this rule will result in the motion being stricken from the motion calendar and may result in the imposition of terms.

            (F)    Sanctions.  Any material offered at a time later than required by this rule, and any reply material which is not in strict reply, will not be considered by the Court over objection of counsel except upon the imposition of appropriate sanctions, unless the Court orders otherwise.