Current Use Land Programs

Washington State law provides property tax relief for certain open space, commercial agriculture and forest lands. If your land meets certain use requirements, taxable assessed value will be based on its current use rather than fair market value. Current use classification is not automatic-you must apply and meet the requirements. The programs only apply to the assessed value of the land.

Designated Forestlands
Guidelines for Timber Management Plans
Format for Timber Management Plans (PDF)
Application for Designated Forestland
Application for Designated Forestland Multiple (Family) Owners
Continuance Current Use or Forestland
Request for Removal of Designated Forestland
Transfer from Designated Forestland to Current Use

Open Space Taxation Act
Application for Farm & Ag
Application for Farm & Ag with Multiple (Family) Owners
Application for Classification or Reclassification Open Space
Certification Contiguous Parcels with Multiple (Family) Owners
Continuance Current Use or Forestland
Farm & Ag Use Plan
Request to Remove Current Use Classification
Request to Change Classification or Use